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Position: Owner/CEO/Founder; started the idea/concept of Miller Armory in 2014, legally formed August 20th, 2015. Marketing, Product Design and All Brands Of Guns For Sale are his main passions outside of being a husband and father. California Conceal Carry Instructor, NRA Pistol Instructor.

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Our passion

Welcome to Miller Armory LLC, California’s premier gunbroker/dealer. Miller Armory llc was founded by Miller Richard Grath Jr and originally created from a passion for shooting superior weapon systems and also promoting freedom for gun rights.

As time passed and word of mouth spread about the custom builds Miller was doing, the company was formed. As it grew and sold one gun brand at a time he has taken his caliber of work to a higher level. In some form of fashion we have custom rifles, uppers, rails and muzzle devices in all 50 states. Orders for custom work have even come from us soldiers currently serving our great nation while overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan.

All builds are custom done one at a time, to your specs, and with your ideas our professionalism and knowledge we will create a one of a kind piece. We use the highest grade of parts found and made right here in the usa (unless specified otherwise). We take pride in the work that we do and continuously strive for the best.

“failure is not an option when it comes down to the line. Fueled by an uncompromising passion it’s our dedication to provide the finest reliability that can be found!”

Take some time and look around at our gallery at some of the builds we have done as well as the testimonials from some of our clients.

Miller Armory LLC fully and wholly supports our men and women serving our great nation!!

Our Products/Brands

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